About Habit Founder Aja Frierson

I founded Habit in 2013 because within the clean beauty space, I saw lots of other brands doing one or two things really well, but not everything I was looking for all in one product. And more specifically, as a woman of color passionate about both plant-based nutrition and makeup, I rarely saw women like me represented at the junction of these fields in the clean beauty space. So in launching Habit, my goal was twofold: to build an inclusive clean beauty brand, and to create the all-around best clean makeup products. To me, that means:
  • Non-toxic, vegan and cruelty-free ingredients
  • Multi-tasking formulas (because we're all busy and our products should do more than one thing) with skincare ingredients (our nail polish contains Myrrh extract to improve nail strength)
  • Sustainable packaging, and speaking to that: we're the only makeup brand using recycled plastic packaging, plus FSC-certified paperboard boxes, while with our full-size polish, we limit the plastic we do use as much as possible by using a bamboo overcap
  • Trend-relevant yet wearable colors, curated by a former fashion industry colorist, that flatter the full spectrum of skintones
Ultimately, though what we're selling is cosmetics, Habit is about creating the change we want to see in the world. Within the health and wellness movement, people of color have been nearly invisible. Aside from creating an inclusive color range (not an easy feat without VC-funding), we're working to launch an exciting new food equity partnership later this year. We're also currently partnered with 1% for the Planet to donate 1% of sales to The Ocean Cleanup, an amazing organization dedicated to clearing plastic from the world's waterways. And as this business grows, there's so much more that I'd love to do to help our communities and our planet.
While I love the beauty industry, I believe that the core of what I do revolves around helping other people claim their wellness and find their confidence. This business has helped me to achieve those things, too. I believe that getting ready for your day should be toxin-free, guilt-free, fun and easy. And I believe that the wellness movement is for everyone. Habit is clean beauty for colorful people. And if you identify as bold, fun and creative, then this brand is for you too, boo!