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THIS WEEK ONLY: Free highlighter in Gatsby (a $28 value) with purchase! No code necessary. Shop now! THIS WEEK ONLY: Free highlighter in Gatsby (a $28 value) with purchase! No code necessary. Shop now!

About the Habit Cosmetics Team



I created Habit in 2013 when I couldn't find a nail polish brand that had everything I was looking for: a clean formula that was actually good for my nails, with gorgeous on-trend colors and sustainable packaging that looked good on my bathroom counter. After two years of development, Habit was finally born.

I grew up constantly creating: hand-crafting my own line of greeting cards (Ha-Ha Hallmark), designing crazy accessories from castoff clothing (a mini backpack made from old jeans and embellished with a puffy-paint alien, anyone?), and making my own blush out of bruised bougainvillea leaves (the only makeup I was allowed to wear at the time). I started my career as a fashion industry colorist, and then became a green beauty addict.

For better or for worse, I'm a perfectionist. After six years in the beauty industry, I've learned that there are no perfect solutions. But one thing I will never compromise on is bringing you beautiful, clean, high-performance cosmetics.


"For my nails, Vapor is my main girl; it's so easy to apply and wear for a semi-sheer flush of alluringly strange color.

For my everyday face, a few swipes of Exhibit A makes me feel extra confident, and a little Starchild on my cheekbones and in the corners of my eyes gives me playful pixie vibes!"




When I got the chance to join Habit, I literally jumped at the opportunity. Even though I went to school for psychology, I've always loved fashion and makeup as well. As Habit's Marketing Manager, I get to combine two things I love: psychology and beauty! I enjoy writing our social media captions and taking product shots as well as interacting with our customers on social media, creating marketing campaigns and working on expanding our consumer base. I get to not only use my knowledge but be creative and have fun at the same time!

I also love how our founder, Aja, makes it a point to create clean makeup products for people with a variety of skin tones. People of color are often left behind in the wellness movement and I love that Habit is trying to remedy this. Habit not only teaches people the importance of using natural and organic products but is also a non toxic, vegan brand where people of color can feel represented!

Christine :)

"My absolute favorite polish shade from Habit is Tabou. It's just such a fiery, hot orange-red that makes me feel like a show stopper. Hot hot hot! ;) For face I love "Velvet Underground" and "Gatsby" Velvet Underground gives me the most beautiful flush of red on my skin and Gatsby gives me a killer glow!."




Forever addicted to a good nail polish color, it's my distinct pleasure to work with the Frierson girls. We've known each other for years so they have become like my own sisters (how lucky is that?), and I admire what they've built with Habit!

My background in fashion combined with my world consciousness melds beautifully with Habit as I'm all for clean green beauty and women supporting women.

I love being able to share their vision and more. Habit is not just a nail polish company, it's an eternal lifestyle mood!


"Roller girl or Cavalier are my everyday love pop. Nothing beats looking at your hands and feeling happiness all around, feminine like no one knows and confident for whatever comes next!"




Makeup has always been the biggest anchor and passion in my life. I started my career in the beauty industry as an office assistant on the weekdays and self-taught MUA for films, music videos, and more on the weekends. It’s been my dream to work in the beauty industry since I was a little girl, and I have always loved expressing myself with color - whether it’s a rainbow eye look, over blushed cheeks, a bright blue mani, or even a new tattoo or hair color. Working for a brand that cares about animals as much as I do is also very important to me, and I love that all of Habit’s products are cruelty free!

As the Project Manager for Habit Cosmetics, I get to wear many hats. Planning the @habitcosmetics Instagram feed layout by season, organizing themed photoshoots, creating makeup looks for social media, collaborating with influencers, and working with Christine and Aja on new color collections and product ideas are just a few of my favorite things I get to do at Habit. I have so much respect for the both of them, for our customers, and to ALL of our brand collaborators, and I cannot wait for what the future holds!


“When it comes to polish AND makeup, I’ve always been drawn to dreamy washes of color and ethereal pastel tones. I love sky blues, peaches, lavenders, and any shade of yellow! When it comes to Habit polish, I adore “Belle Epoque” – it’s the perfect periwinkle that pops on everyone and always brightens my day (and hands). The Multi-Use Creme Color in “Pretty Baby” has become my go-to blush, eyeshadow, and lipstick. In my opinion, it’s the perfect peachy neutral, and also works great as a lip topper with the other Multi-Use shades! And of course, I love the Bright Lights Highlighter in “Starchild” – it’s definitely the Habit product I get the most use out of.