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Being the Change We Want to See

We believe the wellness movement is for everyone. Weʼre committed to creating vegan and cruelty-free, toxin-free formulas expertly crafted with skincare ingredients, and trend-relevant yet wearable colors that compliment all skintones.

We believe that sustainability starts with simple changes that add up over time, and that the easiest place to begin is by getting the most out of the products we use everyday. This is why all of our products feature multi-tasking ingredients, and theyʼre beautiful enough to keep out on your bathroom counter. We design with sustainable materials wherever we can. From our compostable bamboo caps and recycled plastic components to our reusable and recyclable aluminum and glass makeup jars, weʼre always innovating to reduce our footprint. Anyone can take steps towards living more sustainability, and all it takes to start are a few Good Habits.

Our goal is simple: clean makeup that works well, looks good and does good


We believe that we all should be consuming less, but really loving the things we do purchase. If you share this philosophy, then Habit is the make up brand for you.

Since 2014, we've eliminated production on almost 300,000 pieces of traditional plastic components and saved 1,790 lbs of virgin plastic.

We’re the only nail polish brand using recycled plastic components (our inner caps are 100% recycled PP plastic while our brushes are 80% recycled PP plastic). And with our full-sized polishes, we limit our plastic use as much as possible by using beautiful compostable bamboo overcaps.

All of our formulas are toxin-free, vegan and cruelty-free. And because believe that your makeup should be doing more than just providing a pop of color, our nail polish is infused with Myrrh extract to support nail strength.

Our Habit Baby Trios are packaged with recycled plastic components and FSC-certified paperboard boxes, and feature the same quick-drying, long-wearing formula you get in our full-sized bottles.

Each Baby Trio comes with 3 travel-sized shades so that you can take your new favorite colors with you wherever you go.

We're the only makeup brand using natural cork liners, plus infinitely recyclable aluminum lids, and reusable glass jars. Our organic multi-use colors are infused with vitamin-rich and antioxidant-packed Moringa oil, while our organic highighters are crafted with Sea Buckthorn oil for brightening and antioxidant action.

We added Copper Sulfate to support skin repair and for extra anti-bacteria protection. And our blend of 7 plant-based emollients lock in moisture.

We’re members of 1 Percent for the Planet, which means we’re committed to giving 1% of annual sales to organizations benefitting the environment. Our current favorite is The Ocean Cleanup, a non-profit that helps clean our waterways by removing plastic waste from the ocean!

We've pledged an additional 1% of our annual sales to artist Lauren Halsey's non-profit Summaeverythang Community Center, which dispenses free organic produce boxes in the food desert communities of Watts and South Central LA.